I truly love connecting with all of you weekly. I believe in the principles that I teach and I am happy to share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences as part of a real, full life journey. I want all of you to have a deep connection with yourselves, one that allows you to navigate life with self understanding and compassion. I hope it’ll make you feel more alive in your humanness, which will improve your presence as athletes (and likely performance when coupled with some high quality training). I want to empower you to question and fight back against culturally established norms and make decisions that honor your needs and wants in all areas of your life.

And I know that right now I know, deep inside my soul, that I need a break. 

Like all of you are likely familiar with, or possibly are experiencing now, I am feeling a lot of general life stress. The emotional and mental commitment to it as well as the physical time needed to handle some issues that keep popping up is clouding my decision making, hampering my creativity, and making me generally feel unsure and scatterbrained. I feel like I can benefit from cutting my work down to focus on my commitments to my athletes and my contract with Feisty in order to fully finish my book and enjoy summer some time with family and friends. I know I can benefit from a short period of time to catch my breath, then move forward with more organically inspired blog content for all of you. I am also excited to work on big and small visions for the future of MB Coaching. 

Even though I know this is what I need, I admit that it still scares me. And this fear drives me to want to neglect myself and push on. But I am wiser and am going to choose the discomfort of taking this short break over the discomfort that my scarcity driven hustle is causing. 

What am I afraid of?

The online world is so fast paced and the messaging usually involves some kind of “more, more, more” approach. More readers, likes, shares, saves, and trends. Don’t fall off algorithms. Don’t be stale or irrelevant. So… less is not more. Less is bad. Less will make everybody forget about you if you don’t put out blogs for two weeks…

Ummm…Or not. (Sometimes I forget how therapeutic writing this can be for me!)

My book will be done and ready to print soon and so the pressure to stay relevant and connected feels amplified. Thankfully I was able to recently remind myself that I wrote the book for me and to fulfill a promise to myself. I didn’t write it for sales (although I do 100% believe in it and hope you all and more will buy it!). Plus also, the reality still is that my book is still not coming out for a few months…

You can likely tell that there is more detail and emotion behind this need than I am sharing. I mean, a two week blog break is pretty insignificant. Some of it I have or am still unearthing, and other parts are still slowly coming to me— usually during swim workouts or long rides or runs. The overall message holds true: I need to whittle some things down in the short term to be able to rebuild. I need to focus my energy on giving strong, capable, present energy to my athletes as many of them head into their most important part of their seasons. 

I always like to leave you with a little nugget to consider in your own life. Do you need a break from something? Can you feel it in your soul, but are afraid to follow through with it? If you cannot right now then how can you make a plan for the future? How can you whittle things down to keep evolving and rebuilding? If you need permission– I am giving it to you right now. 😉

I am grateful that writing this message has helped me see the flaws in my hesitancy to take this short blog break. And, isn’t it funny how the simple feeling of allowing myself to take a break makes me feel a little freer and clear headed? Huh, maybe I don’t need one after all… (kidding 😉

No new blog material coming from me for just a couple weeks. But I will be re-posting some past favorites, or maybe even an excerpt from my book! Stay tuned, my friends.