If you have read more than 1-2 of my weekly blogs you already know that I am a passionate human. I am excited about the potential impact that endurance sports can have on all of our lives. And if you know me in person you also know many more things about me, including some of my most minor and most challenging flaws. 

Whether you are an avid reader and follower from afar, or a close friend or family member, you likely know that I am sometimes an awkward salesperson. It almost never comes from a lack of belief in the products or services. I most certainly want people to join our amazing team, invest in me as a coach, and buy my book (and all other programs that myself or others are selling that I feel passionately about). But, when it comes time to seal the deal, I also want give people the space to fully decide what they are ready to take on.

As a daughter, sister, and wife of entrepreneurs, I have been fortunate to have a first row seat throughout my life to the passion and hard physical, mental, and emotional work that it takes to own and run a successful small business. And although I am hyper aware of not wanting to be too “sales-y” in my approach, I have been modeled and mentored to the importance of making money in order to keep providing services and further the reach of my message. 

So, for today, I am going to sell. If you are pretty certain you don’t want to ever do a triathlon or run a 5K, please still keep reading. I want you to insert an area of your life that you feel you can invest in services or mentorship to help you reach your own dreams and goals. (For example: Let’s say you are a seamstress— is it time to finally go on that big retreat or attend that conference? To learn from those who are more skilled than you? Or maybe time to invest on a better sewing machine?)

The truth is that coaches are amazing resources— for all things in life. And although it is clear that I am biased due to my career choice, I also have had many excellent coaches throughout my years as an athlete. 

I believe in the power of being coached. 

And why you should do too: 

  • An endurance sports coach provides deep knowledge and ability to monitor physical adaptations to training. Put basically— a coach knows what to tell you to do, and how to watch for signs that you’d benefit from a pivot.
  • Good coaches are not only leaders, but teachers. You have the opportunity to learn more about your sport and yourself from working closely with an expert. Coaches can help you see your strengths and flaws differently, in a way that serves you better as an athlete and a person. 
  • In your busy lives a coach offers intentionality in your training plan so that you show up to each training session trusting that you are best utilizing your time. 
  • A coach provides accountability overall to you completing your workouts, and also to the effort in each session. This includes hard efforts, and (usually most importantly) attention to easier ones and recovery!
  • Endurance sports coaches also possess baseline to extensive training, knowledge, and experience when it comes to daily life and training/racing nutrition and hydration. This knowledge is vital to an all around positive training and racing experience.
  • A coach sees you through a less biased lens, one that will be able to tell you honestly when to back off, push harder, and/or when you are getting in your own way. You will be more likely to up level your experience and overall goals.
  • A coach also can connect you to other resources and/or communities that benefit your training process. 

I love being a coach and would love to work with you. And if you don’t need an endurance sports coach I urge you to find a general life coach or health coach; or a mentor or coach in your specific area of interest. 

I hope I sold you on it… and if not, no big deal. We don’t have to talk about it again…

Unless you want to. 😉