I write this blog to inspire you. To provide a place for you to be open and honest with yourself. To give you new ways to think about old habits. To encourage you to live your most authentic life. 

BUT— I also want to set the record straight. This is NOT a blog about perfection, urgency, or ease. 

This is a NO shame and NO should zone. I don’t ever want you to read this and think— “wow, I should be doing this, that, or the other thing.” We have enough of that kind of negative influence coming at us every single damn day from our culture and marketers, combined with our past conditioning. Please don’t let my messages add fuel the feeling that you are falling short. And if they do, then I encourage you to stop reading. 

The truth is that contrary to the constant messaging that we all receive, there is nothing wrong with you. But, I also do understand that you likely believe that there is a lot wrong with you (due to what I mentioned above). And if you do, that is okay.

It is also okay if…. 

You struggle to be present. 

You don’t love yourself (in any way). 

You keep making the same mistakes. 

You self sabotage.

You feel like an imposter. 

You just aren’t sure about (insert anything). 

You don’t want to try to be supermom. 

You don’t have a savings account or a 401K.

You don’t have a clean house or a meticulous lawn.

You are not fast. You are not slow.

You want to win. 

You ate pizza for lunch and dinner for “x” number of days.  

You don’t want to Do One Thing a Day that Scares You!.. To Dare Mighty Things!… Make Every Day Your Best Yet!… Grow Every Day!… 

If today just isn’t the f*cking day to pull your life back together. 

It is OKAY to just be. And when I tell you to be present— that is what I mean. Not to be perfect at “being.” Not to flip a switch toward self love, awareness, compassion, and trust. But to just let yourself be whatever it is that you need to be RIGHT NOW. 

And if today is the day to exercise, eat more veggies, treat yourself with more kindness, clean the house, figure out your future, or dream big— then do it because it fulfills something in you. Not because you should. 

That’s the straight story. And ironically, if you are able to be authentically you today— then you (accidentally) experienced self growth. 

You know what you need. Do your best to honor that. And it is okay if you don’t. Maybe tomorrow will be the day.

Cheers and hugs,