When reflecting on my thanksgiving week message I looked back to this week in 2020. And the post was a heart warming letter that I wrote to 2020. 

When faced with extremely tough times we learn from them in our own timeline. Collectively experiencing a worldwide global pandemic lead to political upheaval, fear, confusion, and daily uncertainty. But it has also taught us a lot about the importance of connection and of slowing down. It has put a spotlight on our resilience. 

And if you have taken time to truly reflect you can see the opportunity to be grateful. 

All of us struggle at times to be grateful in all circumstances. There is nothing wrong with struggling to be grateful when you feel sad, mad, hurt, lonely, bored. Let those feelings vibrate through your body, and DO NOT feel guilty for feeling negative. It is more important to be preset and real, to avoid the mask of toxic positivity. Often the gratitude comes in later reflection. 

Each year presents new lessons, new opportunities. So why not write a letter annually? 

Enjoy my thank you to 2021. I hope it inspires to write your very own. 

Dear 2021,

We collectively welcomed you more with the relief that 2020 was over than purely looking forward of what is to come. You quietly tiptoed in through Zoom celebrations or super small gatherings rather than with a bang. We all accepted you with a bit of fear and uncertainty. But many of us refused to let go of the hope of a better year. 

Although at the end of the year we are still fighting the pandemic with some uncertainty and division we are also beginning to heal. Life feels to be moving forward again. 

While we are thankful for more in person connection overall, we know that life will never be pre pandemic “normal.” And that is a positive. We have raised voices and made changes individually and collectively. Some of us have become stronger and need to continue to fight for those who were unable. 

Thank you, 2021 for the opportunities to learn. For the chance to show what we learned about our resilience. To start to come together to show our love and support for humanity. 

Thank you for the ability to race and travel again. Thank you for the lessons learned in Texas and for reaching my goals in Arizona. 

Thank you for Jamie. Thank you for his unwavering physical, mental, and emotional support. Thank you for his worth ethic and amazing entrepreneurial mind. Thank you for opportunities for me to show support to him as he manifests his own project dreams. 

Thank you for school reopening, for the opportunities for my kids to play the sports they love, and to experience the joys and hardships in the rites of passages of high school. Thank you for Halle being able to have a full college freshman experience. Thank you for the real and raw emotions of her leaving home and beginning the transition to her adult life. 

Thank you for many chances to navigate hard things and negative feelings together. Thank you for the chance to teach my kids about honoring all of their feelings and knowing when it is time to accept and adapt. Thank you for the many opportunities to learn how to fully feel. Thank you for their mistakes and failures under our roof so that we can help them navigate consequences and solutions. 

Thank you for the reminder that we need to take care of ourselves well in order to care for others. Thank you for opening many doors of professional opportunities through Feisty Triathlon and in our local community. 

Thank you for the chances to think differently— to learn to be more understanding and gracious to others. To see and hear others better. Thank you for all of the unanswered opportunities. These can be frustrating or even shameful at the time, but still necessary. 

Thank you for reuniting us with our team, our friends, our family, and our community. Thank you for the ability to reinstate the normalcy of hugs, travel, and overall human connection. Thank you for continuing to bring athletes who want more value out of endurance sports into my coaching realm. Thank you for trusting me with their open hearts and minds. Thank you for the chance for so many to put the fruits of their long labor into Ironman WI. 

Thank you for helping me move forward in being able to realize and voice what I really want and need in my own life. To act out of my driving purpose. To show up with truth but with love. To be a sincere and caring listener. 

Thank you for the fun we had this year. For the smiles and laughter. For some of the ease connected with the world reopening to hobbies and travel. Thank you for consistent, ever present beauty of creation all around us. 

Thank you for our continued health and for the health and safety of our family. May we never take it for granted. 

Thank you for all who continue to read this blog and get inspired to share their true selves with the world. Thank you for the platform to share my passion for writing with the world. 

There is so much to be grateful for in this imperfect year. I am thankful for it all. 

With gratitude,