Find your purpose through mind over body training.

MB Coaching is designed to provide customized training to men and women interested in racing, reaching and finding their purpose. My expertly designed personalized coaching options guide clients from beginning to end.

“In 12 years as a competitive triathlete and runner …

I have learned lessons that far exceed any time or pace goals. The self reflection from the realization of readiness to goal setting and then ultimately achieving (or sometimes not) taught me about self-care, intuitive eating, confidence, facing fears, the importance of honesty with myself and others, prioritizing real wants and needs, letting go of guilt, and being okay with discomfort and sometimes pain (just to mention a few). I am passionate about using traditional training methods as well as digging deeper mentally and emotionally to help athletes use training and racing as catalysts to better themselves and their life overall.”

Miranda Bush, Owner and Coach of MB Coaching, LLC

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Far Better: Self-Discovery through the Power of Endurance Sports 

By Miranda Bush

In Far Better, Miranda Bush shares her story of being a longtime endurance coach and athlete, and her personal evolution so far through the sport and in life. 

Far Better Book Cover by Miranda Bush

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Athletes Coached to Race Compeletion

Youth & Juniors to Successful Race Finishes

Adult runners, duathletes, and triathletes to goal crushing performances in 500+ races

“Miranda takes the time to learn your goals, understand your priorities and commitments, and design a training program that will help your surpass your goals. Her compassion, dedication, and commitment in getting to know her athletes is second to none. It is simple, she knows her craft and will make you better!”

Jason Zurawik

School Principal and Ironman Finisher 2015

“Miranda Bush has inspired not only myself in my life goals, but my children also! She has coached me through finishing my first ever 5k, Sprint Triathlon and 13.1 half marathon. Training included learning how to swim (not kidding), learning how to ride a bike on actual roads as an adult (again… not kidding) and the confidence to understand how to run and truly enjoy the journey of reaching the finish line!

Megan Brauer

Triathlete & Mom of Three