Welcome to the Zone Racing Team!

Our Mission

The Zone Racing Team is co-owned by Miranda Bush and Kelly Prescott. The mission of the Zone Racing Team is to Dare Mighty Things through racing and camaraderie for all ages and abilities in Oregon, WI and the surrounding communities.


The Zone Racing Team Vision

The vision of the Zone Racing Team is to serve the needs of the Oregon, WI community through training, racing, camaraderie, learning, support, encouragement, and friendship. To provide a platform for ALL athletes to have success in ALL goals. To connect individuals and their families who live in Oregon, WI and the surrounding communities through a team that is inclusive and accessible.


Why Join our Team?

Below are just a few of the many perks of being part of the Zone:

  • Stay connected through weekly emails, workout and route suggestions, free pop-up workouts, team and coach supported races (TBA), and team events (including Brewer Game, pub ride, and more!)
  • FREE custom swag and more team and other product discounts than ever!

  • HUGE discount on TEAM indoor cycling at Wisconsin Indoor Cycling and coached workouts throughout the year.
  • Website with team exclusive articles and other valuable information.
  • Unlimited access to USA Triathlon coach Miranda Bush.


Cost & Registration

New members join for $90.

Mention an existing team member and they get a great discount too.

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