This week’s guest blogger is fellow business owner and triathlete Megan Brauer. I have had the opportunity know Megan for several years and have been fortunate enough to witness her journey firsthand—as a mentor, co-worker, coach, and friend. I have also coached her three cool kids. 

I challenged Megan to write a blog that details her struggles and triumphs for her final homework in her “ALL IN” coaching process with me. She has faced some real trauma and is coming out on the other side through a lot of work on self awareness, acceptance, and self love. She is worthy. And real. And I am excited to share her with all of you.

Cheers, MB

Because every day matters

By: Megan Brauer 

Telling yourself to live each day to its fullest is one thing and doing it is far greater and quite an exhilarating challenge. Because everything you do matters, whether you recognize the impact right away or months later.

The day I realized that every day matters was the day I lost my 38 year old brother to a tragic car accident. In that moment my heart ripped from my body and my head started spinning in disbelief. My soul ached for the person I loved to my very core. 

Every day matters.

What were the words I last spoke to him that mattered? What were my actions that mattered?What impact did I leave on his life that mattered? Those three questions became the focus of my world. I had a choice that day—do I keep moving forward? Did anything really matter anymore? This choice was by far the one that mattered most.

Every choice matters.

Following up to that day, an extraordinary year had developed in my life. I had become a certified fitness instructor and begun pursuing a passion project at an incredible local gym loaded with amazing people.

All my life, insecurities had got the best of me. Until I found my fitness tribe that year. I began small—kickboxing was my go-to exercise in college and so it was an easy place to start building my group fitness classes around. PUNCH IT OUT FOLKS! 🙂 You having a bad day? LET’S SEE IT! Get it out and keep that forward movement!

Next in line that year, naturally, was signing up for my first triathlon. I know, I’ve absolutely lost my mind. Stay with me….

Turns out that at any age you can learn to ride a bike on the road, learn to swim in open water,  and finish your very first 5k. Let me repeat, at age 35 I learned how to ride a bike, how to swim, and how to run 3.1 miles. THEN I WILLINGLY CHOSE TO DO IT ALL IN ONE DAY!

And it was THE BEST day of my life.

Every opportunity matters. 

I assure you that having children, marrying my incredible husband of 13 years and everything in between was THE BEST as well. It was a different type of best as I had faith in the process of growing a life with my husband. I had been lacking the faith of growing myself.

The day I finished my first triathlon in 2hr 12 minutes showed me that I was worthy of building a life that I feel content living. Those words spoken so powerfully to me from one of my greatest friends and coach, Miranda. Those words “I am worthy” can sting you in disbelief. But, BELIEVE IT ALWAYS WITH YOUR WHOLE HEART. 

You are worthy. Every day. Every moment. Every minute of a content life of forward movement. Never give up. Ever.

I believe that in life you find the path that was meant for you. Two months after my triathlon my brother passed. My path was clear, I am worthy of this life. I am worthy of this incredible, beautiful, joyous, WORTH LIVING life that I’ve worked so hard to build. And he is with me every second of the way.

If you knew my brother you would hear him say, “Meg, get up… come on, don’t be sad, you are greater than any of your fears.” Then after a witty sports analogy he’d finally resort to a “don’t be dumb, let’s do this” last effort to snap me out of whatever moment I got sucked into. He was bold, hilarious, determined, not afraid to fail, and also had many failures of his own, the kind of person we can all relate to.

Every Day Matters. 

In honor of this belief, on what would have been my brother’s 41st birthday, I established ML3, LLC in his honor. ML3 was inspired by my three beautiful children who at times chose the path for me, picked the perfect shade of light, and helped me keep one foot in front of the other. My lovely three.

I’ve had an incredible tribe of people on my life team over the years and for those that don’t have a tribe, I am here for you. Establishing ML3 has given me the opportunity to lead by example; with all things come the choice to keep moving forward, and even with tragedy you can find the light.

Focusing on just three things each day, I found to be incredibly rewarding and DOABLE! Now each morning, I pick “my lovely three” my top three areas of focus. It can be the top three things I need to accomplish that day, the top three intentions for the day or even as simple as the top three survival tips of the day. Drink water, eat food and be kind. Every day is an adventure!

Sharing my story with you required loads of self reflection, Kleenex, and trust in the process. And before I began writing it, my top three were: be strong, be brave and never give up.

I challenge you to write out your top three list every day for 5 days, 10 days, 15 days…. and then share with me how it impacted your life at I can’t wait to hear from you. You are worthy of this life, go get it!

What are your lovely three? 

Because every day matters. Every. Single. Day