As I briefly mentioned last week, I saw the Taylor Swift Eras movie with my friend Anna as part of our pre-race rest before the IMAZ 70.3.

Love her or not, you cannot deny that Taylor Swift is a FORCE. Although I don’t know if I identify as a full-blown “Swiftie,” I have always very much enjoyed her music, and thoroughly respect her talent.

Like most things she does, the movie did not disappoint. If you know me, and/or have read about my “Aunt Mary” overly emotional reactions to random things in life, you will not be surprised that I felt a familiar lump in my throat many times during the show. For some of you, this probably feels pretty silly since I was watching her connect to her in-person crowd at a filmed concert. But, still— I was moved.  I was in awe of her ability to sell out the enormous So-Fi stadium, amongst many other arenas, for so many shows. With the movie cameras up close, it was even clearer as to how much passion she has for performing. And in reading reviews of her concerts, her ability to show up nightly and give the crowd every piece of herself displays her gratitude for being able to live her craft, on her terms. Her ability to keep re-inventing herself not only is inspirational, but for many of us, her different eras connect the dots of our lives through musical memories and nostalgia. And as always, concerts connect us in that unified moment in time– apparently even a filmed one.

Taylor understands her power when she stands in front of 70,000 people with a microphone. She also chooses whether she will continue to record and tour, how she responds to the crowd, and ultimately how she shows up every day in her life. I believe it’s not about the money anymore. And, also in my opinion, it’s not about the fame.

She loves what she does. 

Although I have a bit less influence than T-Swift 😉 , I feel this in my own craft, in my own sphere. 

Last weekend when I raced in Arizona I was yet again reminded of how much I love my hobby. I reflected on the ability I have to inspire people through showing up in my own arena as my most authentic self. When I toe up to a start line I give myself and my sport all I have, out of respect and gratitude. 

When I focus on love, I smile at my fellow competitors (and encourage them when I have the available oxygen), verbally thank the volunteers, and flash goofy grins and strike silly poses for the photographers. 

Whether I am racing, or just out on the local streets training, when people see me I hope that they think, she loves what she does.

I also love my job. I feel nothing short of blessed that I get to help people set and actualize goals through my coaching, team building, and writing. My work, and the people I get to serve, inspire me. Thank you to all of you who read this, and to those who trust me as a coach or co-leader of our team— just like Taylor Swift, if I didn’t have an “audience,” it wouldn’t be as meaningful. 

I love what I do. 

I know that not everyone has a job that is fueled by your passion. Some of you choose it out of financial need or desire; some for flexibility; and others out of proximity (or various other reasons). And, other areas of your life may serve other purposes as well. But, I do hope today this message helps your consider those reasons, and also the question—am I living out of love— either in my work life, my home responsibilities, my relationships, or in my hobbies?

Do I love what I do?

Not every part of your life, or day, has to feel full of pulsing, obvious, culturally defined love. And, I don’t want you to think that it is for me (or I am guessing for Taylor Swift either). But, it is likely that it can be more than it is, or then you think it is. There is so much that can be said about this, but for today I have just a few nuggets for you to consider to feel more love, as you go into your week:

  1. You may not be able to immediately change your circumstances, but you can alter how you react to them. And, maybe you have more power to change them than you think (either quickly or slowly). 
  1. Find something you love to do. Something that lights you up. Something that you know the joy leaks from your pores, and is obvious in your smile, or how you talk about it. 
  1. Cultivate relationships with people who encourage you to live as the best version of yourself, and that you do the same for them. The feeling of love comes from within you, not from others. Open your heart to feeling it, to being it. 

When others see you living (or at least trying) a life of passion, authenticity, and gratitude, it can inspire them to believe that it is possible. And when we all live as our real selves, we find deep connection and meaning. 

Being a human is hard enough, we all need some true love in our lives. 

Thank you, with much love.



**I don’t want to go sales-y at the end of each blog, but these are the kinds of things (and more) we will explore and dive deeper into in the Far Better Community. If you aren’t a member yet, I think you know how to become one… and if not, shoot me a message. 🙂