It is RACE WEEK!!!

I am very excited to race. I am also nervous. I filled with anticipation, sprinkled with just a tiny bit of dread. I mostly want it to happen, and a little part of me wants it to be over. 

I believe I am experiencing an honest human response to a hard physical endeavor that is quickly approaching. One that I have planned and prepared for over several months. At half ironman #22, I am very aware that race day will present challenges I can both anticipate, and surprise me. I know it will hurt a lot. 

And I know it will be absolutely worth it. 

I cannot control most of the variables going into race day, and at this point no amount of panic training can change my ability to affect the outcome. So, for this week I am choosing to focus on gratitude. I find that looking through the lens of what I do have and get to do serves me well while racing. It helps me remember that showing up is a choice I made. It gives me perspective and connection not only surrounding my own body and experience, but with the other racers and God. It breeds curiosity and openness, rather than allowing me to spiral into a victim mentality. 

What am I grateful for as I approach my 9/9 IMWI 70.3 race day?

My body showing up to each training session, and remaining uninjured to race day. 

The memories of running in ten different locations since the beginning of the summer.

This dedication to my training during the busiest three months of my life. 

So many training partners and supporters that I can’t even count them, let alone name them individually. Please know that whether I trained alongside you, or if you simply reached out to ask how I am, you had a positive impact. 

Those closest to my journey. Jamie and my kids. My friends. My team. My coach. My athletes. 

The ability to do a job I love—being a firsthand witness to the vulnerability, honesty, courage, and curiosity of my athletes. 

The lessons I learned (or was reminded of) the value of practicing: staying grounded, and being present, mindful, and aware. 

My book finally being printed! 

And on race day I know my heart will be fully grateful for the ability to do what I love safely in a free country, the amazing volunteers, and the loving support of my team and random spectators (especially those who take the time to make the cheeky signs).

I highly suggest you take time to do your own inventory— regularly. Even in the hardest, scariest, most uncertain times, finding a few nuggets of gratitude can make you smile. 

I am grateful for all of you!