I live passion.

Not exclamation points and bubbly Instagram stories. It is a smoldering fire in my soul. The vigor that flows through me shoves my feet in the cold pool at 5:30am or puts a bounce in my step in a snowstorm. My heart has always driven me to accomplish the things I set out to do.

My passionate commitment to training and racing as an athlete is a big part of what makes me a motivating and devoted coach. My love for life stirs up BIG emotions in my relationships with my kids, husband, friends, teammates, and athletes.

I believe my purpose in life is to inspire others to believe that anything is possible.

Living based on this driving passion can also lead me to be prone to give in, justify my discomfort, have rigid thinking, and leave me bored and unsatisfied in the ordinary moments of life. I have struggled with wondering ‘what’s next’ rather than focusing on the emotions of the moment- including when training and racing. I have lived with the feeling of knowing that I had more to give and I needed to know how to find it. I have unearthed many concepts of what it means when someone says that racing is ‘mostly mental.’ This blog is a peek into my personal journey of understanding how to feel everything from the positivity of passion to the discomfort of pain, and how to apply it to training, racing, and all aspects of life.

So, if ‘MB’ isn’t the obvious- Miranda Bush– then what does it stand for? Mind over Body. A reference and homage to the realizations in my own training and coaching that reaching your goals is mostly mental. And by focusing on your mind you have the opportunity to learn so much how to navigate this one big life.

Cheers to success, failure, fun, and hard work!