I am taking on the Ironman Arizona 70.3 this Sunday in Tempe. 

Why this race? After some of the wounds and scars healed post my Texas 70.3 experience I realized I had to come back to the “why” for this upcoming race in AZ. I decided to not make it out of a place of scarcity in the form of needing to prove something or redemption. I want to show up to the best of my ability on a course I know. I want to remove the challenge of that unknown and focus on my effort. I plan to be fully present and focused. I want to crush it. I am hopeful that my best effort that day allows for a podium spot and potentially a ticket to the 2022 70.3 World Championships. 

I believe that if I want to keep inspiring people I need to by engaged in my own journey as an athlete. Not always focused on speed and wins, but also by recognizing times when training must take a backseat to other goals and aspirations. To know myself and to know when I need to shift my priorities and expectations accordingly. 

But, at the Arizona 70.3 this weekend I am showing up to compete. Does putting this out there scare me? Yes— just enough that I know it matters but not so much that I will allow my brain to collect any evidence toward the belief that it is not possible. 

I create a specific “why” for each individual athletic endeavor I take on. As I do so I make sure it reflects back on my overall purpose in life. 

My “life why” is to inspire anyone I come into contact with the belief that they can find and live as their authentic selves. And then they can try to conquer any goal that is within the realm of possibly. Almost all are, but if you come to me aspiring to be an Olympic gold medalist or an NBA basketball player at age 40 we might have to come up with something else. 

I believe that inviting personal challenges leads to experience. Experience gives opportunity for learning and then we grow.  Growth adds value to our lives and gives us the confidence and platform for authentic inspiration. And if you use your platform it inevitably leads to more people believing and achieving, and adding their value back to the world. And that lifts everyone.

And this is why I decided on signing up for one of the most challenging Ironman courses in North America in St. George, Utah for my 2022 spring goal. My “why” for this goal is quite different than mine for the AZ 70.3. 

I need to take on a personal challenge—not only on race day, but the process leading up to it. Although this will be my fourth time covering this race distance, it will be my first solo training effort. It is also the first time I plan to “race” this distance, rather than focusing on completing it. And almost all of my bike training will be done inside on the trainer or in the sketchy elements of Wisconsin spring (high winds and cold temps). 

Then on race day I will be surrounded by and supported by my new crew of Feisty supporters. It will be a raw and vulnerable moment. It will be real and amazing. 

All of this scares me. But, I know it is worth it, even if only one person reads this blog and/or watches my journey locally, remotely, or over social media. If one person decides that they can be more open to themselves in order to have the space, energy, and confidence to lift up others and work toward change. 

I am willing to be pretty f*cking uncomfortable to influence culture and change conditioned thinking. And I will learn and teach along the way. 

First stop, IM Arizona 70.3 THIS Sunday!

Next up in racing— IM St. George 140.6 on May 7th.

And in between I will continue to work toward educating, uplifting, guiding, loving, and accepting my family, friends, athletes, and humanity. And finish and publish my book(!!!!)- coming to your hands by next summer. 

How will you start your process with personal challenge? It most definitely does not have to be Ironman, or really what anyone else would consider BIG. And I don’t mean reacting the curve balls that life throws you… but instead finding your power and intentionally coming out of your comfort zone for growth and then taking the value and giving it back to the world.