Identify your passion. Weave it in to song in a way that creates beautiful harmony. Become aware so you can let it flow in a way that brings value to your life. 

Pay attention. When you are truly aware you might find that you are being drawn away from a passion. Sometimes it is due to changing circumstances and other times it is part of your normal growth and personal evolution. 

What do you do when this happens? You honor it, practice acceptance, grieve the loss, and in time move on to pursuit of a new passion. 

You pivot. 

I started working as a Spin certified cycling instructor in 2007 and became an ACE personal trainer soon after. My full-time job was staying home and caring for my three kids, but I had been dreaming about fulfilling my dream to help others. I had considered returning to school to pursue a nursing degree, and even worked as a CNA and took a Zoology class at University of WI as a returning student. I was trying many things I was interested in, searching for my personal passion outside of the home.

I found my passion in teaching group exercise. I loved teaching cycling and bootcamp style classes. I was gaining interest in 1:1 personal training and started to dip my toes into that pool when in a whirlwind we purchased a local gym. I opened The Zone Fitness & Training in January of 2011 with the support and help of my husband and good friend Krysten. 

I thrust myself into being a business owner. I kept teaching a multitude of group exercise classes and added many personal training clients. I kept trying new interests while living my passion as a mom and triathlete. Eventually I decided to sell the gym and was beyond thankful that my friend Kelly decided to buy it to keep it alive in our community. 


I let go of my business owner role. I cannot claim that I was passionate about being a business owner at the time, so I was able to accept and keep pursing my passions. I skipped the grieving, which didn’t serve me well, but that whole story is one for a different blog. I was given an amazing opportunity to practice my craft of teaching group exercise and personal training clients (while getting paid!). In 2014 Kelly and I decided that I would step into a more official role as the “racing coach” at the gym. I let go of some classes and narrowed my training clients.


In 2019 Kelly made the choice to sell The Zone. This was the big pivot. I had to decide who I was without the backdrop and daily support of this amazing community that we had created and nurtured for years. I had extreme passion for my work and for the people. I wondered who I would be without The Zone

I had to pivot. To be grateful for the time I had. To accept. To grieve

Then I could heal. And begin to pursue new passions. 

I am thankful that I had learned the importance of embracing the entire process. I allowed myself sadness before moving on. I considered what I really wanted in my journey of moving forward. Then I became curious again. 

I rediscovered some old passions and also found some new. And I even found new ways to engage with the same, amazing community. 

Circumstances caused my need to pivot. Other times it is just a new sense of awareness. You need to honor it or you will end up chasing a passion or goal that will never truly fulfill you. It always comes back to knowing you to know what you really want. Knowing why. 

How can you establish a healthy relationship with your passion so when it is time to pivot you are light on your feet and ready?

  • Don’t define yourself by your passion. Let it be harmonious in your life, but not the harmony, rhythm, and melody. You are you, not what you do. 
  • Be aware as to how you frame the story you tell yourself. Focus on the positive, what you gained from your passion. Example: Rather than think, “The Zone is closing and that is who I am in Oregon. What will I do now?” I had to reframe it as,“Owning and working at The Zone gave me opportunities for valuable lessons and amazing job experience. I gained a community of likeminded friends. I can use all of this to pursue a new job and passion.” 
  • Be careful to not jump in quickly to a new passion like a rebound relationship. Allow yourself time and energy to go through the entire process of loss. You should feel pain and grief when you lose a passion.

Life is full of amazingness every day. Don’t be afraid to pursue interests with excited curiosity. Be aware. Live with passion. 

I promise that when you find it, live it, and nurture it— it will be more than worth it. Even when someday you have to pivot. 

YOU have it all in you.